FREE Master Class with Dr. Fong:
Get to the ROOT CAUSE & Truly Transform!

I developed the Detox Funnel Protocol after I conquered my lifelong battle with severe eczema. Check out my story in the video below. With the 4 proven steps of this protocol, I have successfully supported hundreds of patients with chronic symptoms and health conditions to achieve true health. 

What You Will Learn

Conventional medications only silence the symptoms. To truly alleviate your symptoms, you need to address the root cause and quiet the “fire” that is causing your “alarm systems” to go off. 

In this FREE masterclass, I will teach you the 4 proven steps of the Detox Funnel Protocol and how you can see measurable symptom improvement and a transformation in your health in as little as 6 to 16 weeks!


The LIVE virtual masterclass is offered on select days during the month. If you attend the LIVE masterclass, Dr. Fong will answer all of your questions AND you will receive a special gift for attending! If you cannot make the live event, then you can watch a replay of an earlier recorded class. Click the buttons to register!